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vtiger drag and drop documents extension

Vtiger Document Manager

File management tasks are made easier with our up-to-date and efficient “Vtiger Document Manager extension”.

Document Management is a serious concern for the employees, admins and above all the business managers. But, VTDEV has a solution for all of your problems. Our new and advanced Document manager extension comes in use to manage and maintain the crucial documents including customers sensitive data.

The Vtiger plug-in works by allowing the users to maintain the records in an intuitive layout for easy retrieval process.

Moreover, file management tasks are made easier with our up-to-date and efficient “Vtiger Document Manager extension”. This extension is a powerful tool to manage your Vtiger documents, files, and folders effectively and conveniently. 

The extension enables users to drag and drop documents from one place to another without the need to browse, select the files and fill the fields manually. With the multiple files, feature user can seamlessly select multiple files at once and keep the files and documents organized. It also allows you to show the user related to a particular file. It enhances the productivity of Vtiger as a CRM tool.


VTDEV has enhanced the Document management capabilities of Vtiger CRM despite some major setbacks.

Here are some prime features of our Document manager extension:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Drag and drop feature.
  • Upload multiple files at once.
  • Create folders in seconds.
  • Organize files and folders efficiently.
  • Lastly, it is compatible with the module manager.

Our Documentation will be coming soon!

Getting your Vtiger customized required technical knowledge of Vtiger core files. So, you can hire expert Vtiger developers who can set up this useful tool into your organization while you can focus on your business goals and achievements.


Enhance your Vtiger’s file management capability with our new and advanced “Document Manager extension”. Contact us Now!

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We provide full support for vtiger 8