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Dynamic Checklists

The Dynamic Checklist Extension for Vtiger CRM is a handy extension that allows users to design a customized checklist for each module and record. This extension allows you to add multiple documents, comments, and notes and upload a file efficiently and conveniently.

The Dynamic Checklist extension has an easy-to-use interface, enabling users to schedule their tasks within Vtiger CRM.

Our Dynamic checklist extension has the following features:
  • Allows users to add multiple checklists in a single module.
  • Attach multiple Documents with the records.
  • Allows you to add comments.
  • Setup the workflow of each checklist
  • Module Manager Compatible
  • Available on VTiger Marketplace

Checklists help users keep track of the project and ensure every task is performed under serious consideration. If you want to configure the Dynamic Checklist Extension for Vtiger for your business. Read the step-by-step documentation below.


Step 1:

To configure a new checklist. Go to the main menu. From Settings select CRM settings.


Step 2:

Now click on other settings. From the drop-down choose Dynamic Checklist.


Step 3:

To create a new checklist click on the “Add checklist” button.


Step 4:

Now give a name to your checklist and select the module where you want to apply it.


Step 5;

In this step, you have to configure the checklist item. Enter a name for your checklist item. 


Step 6:

In the second field add the name of the task.


Step 7:

Enable the checkboxes if you want the user to add a document, or notes to the checklist.


Step 8:

Now type a description for the checklist explaining the details.


Step 9:

Similarly configure other checklist items.


Step 10:

Click the save button to save your checklist.


That’s it a new checklist is created and added to your specified module.

Line up your tasks with VTDEV’s new and up-to-date Dynamic Checklist Extension. Contact us now and avail the best offers.

So are you ready to transform your CRM?


We provide full support for vtiger 8