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vtiger email parser extension

Vtiger Email Parser

 With our advanced and powerful ”Email parser Extension” convert the important data from emails and add them to Vtiger records automatically. 

Vtiger has a built-in Mail converter that works on Vtiger’s standard. This converter performs basic email tasks such as creating leads. organizations, contacts, etc. This feature is limited to an extent and does not perform advanced mapping or other tasks. For a better experience integrate “Email Parser Extension” with Vtiger’s Mail convertor.

This extension maps the data from an email to check some predefined rules and conditions and then adds this information to a new record or existing record. The extension is very easy to configure and use.

The features of Vtiger Email Parser Extension:

  • Email text parsing.
  • Adding information from the email to new or existing records automatically.
  • Integrates with the standard Mail Convertor for Vtiger.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Customize the parsing rules according to your needs.
  • Works well with advanced parsing rules.


Here is a step-by-step guide to use the Email Parser extension for your CRM.

Step 1:

After installing the extension. Go to the main menu. Now select CRM settings.

Step 2:

Here from the side bar select other settings and then click on Email parser.

Step 3:

To parse a new email we have to configure some rules. To configure the rules press “Configure Rules” button on top right corner.

Step 4:

Select from the options or click on “Create rule” button to create a new rule.

Step 5:

This will prompt a form on your screen. Enter the required information and then click Save.

Step 6:

A list of fields will be displayed to parse the data in the email. Enter the identifier, choose an option in the end from field. In the CRM fields column select the field where the data will be mapped from the identifier.

Step 7:

To add an additional field click on “Add field” button and fill the details.

Step 8:

After configuring the rule. Press “Save” to save the rule.

That’s it. In this way, you can parse the content from your emails into vtiger record and speed up the data entry tasks.

If you want to automate email conversion tasks and improve your data accuracy and consistency this extension is for you. Contact VTDEV to configure the Email Parser extension with your Vtiger CRM

So are you ready to transform your CRM?


We provide full support for vtiger 8