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vtiger gallery view extension

Vtiger Gallery View

The Vtiger Gallery View Extension works by displaying all the images and documents related to a record in gallery view

The Vtiger gallery view is a handy extension that displays all the record images and videos in a gallery view. It can be accessed from the summary view of records.

The gallery view Extension has an easy-to-use configuration area allowing you to configure the settings, and display images from only certain folders.

The layout of Gallery View is user-friendly that shows a slide show of all the images and related pictures for the record with the date, allowing you to scroll down and view all images.

Gallery View extension has the following prime features:

  • Easy to use configuration panel.
  • Supports all standard as well as custom-made modules.
  • A slideshow of all related images.
  • Allows you to enable the modules in which gallery view should be displayed.
  • The Vtiger core files are kept safe and unchanged.
  • Available at Vtiger Marketplace.


The gallery view extension for Vtiger CRM works by showing all the images related to a record in gallery view for better understanding.

Here is a step by step guide to use the extension and configure it.

Step 1:

First install the extension on your Vtiger CRM. To access it go to the main menu and select CRMs settings.

Step 2:

Here from the other settings dropdown, Select Gallery view.

Step 3:

Select the preferred folder. Choose from All folders or default.

Step 4:

Now enable the checkbox to display a gallery view button on modules.

Step 5:

Once you are done with the configuration. Press the save button.

A gallery view is added to the modules you selected. You can view the images in gallery view by accessing a record from specified module and pressing the Gallery view button on top-right of your screen.

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