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Vtiger Google Address

Vtiger Google Address integration is a powerful feature of Vtiger CRM. When collaborating with companies, managing sales, and relationships with customers, businesses may need to add address information. Vtiger makes such processes easy for its users by providing Google Address Extension within Vtiger. This extension allows users to add address more accurately with just a few clicks.

The extension uses the Google Address API to suggest and verify address information, allowing users to quickly and accurately enter and edit address information in Vtiger.

Features of the Google Address Extension:

Some of the features of the Google Address Extension for Vtiger include:

  • Google automatically completes the address in real time.
  • The extensions provides a interactive map lookup within Vtiger for estimating accurate location.
  • Like all extensions, Google Address Extension is also highly customizable allowing you to customize address fields and the layout.
  • This extension is compatible for detail and edit view.
  • Supports all Standard and Custom-made modules

Now that you have configured VTDEVs “Google Address Extension”. 

This handy extension is developed to easily add your addresses in fields without any spelling mistakes for better understanding and efficiency. After installing the extension on your CRM Read the step-by-step tutorial below to utilize it and make the most out of it.


Step 1:

For every extension access. The first few steps are almost the same. Login to your CRM account. From the main menu, select settings and then go to CRM settings.


Step 2:

Here from the other settings dropdown menu. You have to select the extension you want to configure. I will select Google Address.


Step 3:

Here you will see a list of fields connected to Google addresses.


Step 4:

To add a new address. Press the “Add Address” Button on the top left corner.


Step 5:

A form will be displayed on your screen. Here, fill in the form with the required information. Enter the name of the address and the module.


Step 6:

Here you can see two columns. In the first column select a field from which Google will get its data. In the second column choose the field of Vtiger.


Step 7:

You can add as many fields as you want by clicking on the Add More button and entering field names from Google and Vtiger.


Step 8:

After filling in the necessary data. Press “Save” to save the address.


Step 9:

Press the Google API button. Enter your Google API.


That’s it. In this way, you can set up as many  Google addresses in your CRM as you want. So the Vtiger will give you suggestions when entering address data in fields of records.


Additional Step:

Here let me tell you another interesting feature. You can also limit the area of your addresses by selecting specific countries. For that click on the countries button. Select the countries of your choice

The Google Address Extension for Vtiger can be a useful tool for businesses that rely on accurate and up-to-date address information and can help improve the efficiency, accuracy, and user experience of managing address data within Vtiger. Team VTDEV specializes in integrating Google Address Extension to your Vtiger perfectly.

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