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Vtiger PO To Assets

vtiger PO to assets extension

Vtiger is a customer relationship management(CRM) software that allows small to large businesses to manage their sales, marketing, etc. With every Version, new features and functionality make Vtiger better. Along with these Features Vtiger also allows you to add different extensions to increase productivity and workflow.

Keeping track of the orders is an extremely important part of a company’s management plan. The “PO (Purchase Order) to Assets Extension“ of Vtiger has made the process of tracking the orders easy. Using this extension you can keep a close check on your purchase order. It creates an asset when a new order is received. A link is created between the asset and the purchase order.

Key features of Vtiger PO to Assets Extension:

The “PO to Asset Extension” contains several features.

  • This extension allows users to keep track of purchase orders throughout the process.
  • Assets are an important part of a company’s inventory. These assets can be managed properly and safely with this extension.
  • This extension saves time by converting purchase orders to assets automatically.
  • Automatically displays and updates product quantity in stock
  • Doesn’t change Vtiger core files.
  • Available at Vtiger Marketplace.

This feature is particularly useful for companies having huge inventories of assets, as it streamlines the process of adding new assets to the system. Instead of manually creating a new asset record, users can simply convert a PO to an Asset and update the details as necessary. Include this feature in your Vtiger CRM and control orders and assets systematically. Book VTDEV today.

This extension is developed to enhance inventory management by automating the creation of Assets from orders. 

If you have installed this extension on your CRM and want to utilize it, Read our step-by-step guide below.


Step 1:

After installing the extension. Enable it from the CRM settings. Under the other settings dropdown, select “PO to Assets”.


Step 2:

To create a new asset. Go to the specific purchase order from the Purchase order module.


Step 3:

To create an asset. Click on the” Recieve Shipment” button on the top right.


Step 4:

Now, enter the serial number and receiving notes of your items. 


Step 5:

Press the “Save” button to save the asset creation.


Step 6:

This will update the status of the order. And the assets will be automatically created.


That’s it. This is the simplest way to create assets from your orders and manage your inventory effectively. Once the order is shipped and dispatched the stock value in inventory will be updated.

By adding the PO to Assets extension to your Vtiger you can see a positive impact on your inventory management. VTDEV specializes in configuring this extension with your CRM. Contact Now.

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