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Vtiger Duplicate Check and Merge

Vtiger Duplicate Check and Merge by VTDEV helps you ensure the accuracy of your records by merging the duplicate data.

Our Duplicate Check And Merge extension for Vtiger CRM is a powerful tool that helps users manage and merge duplicate records within their Vtiger CRM. This extension can be installed easily and integrated seamlessly with the Vtiger CRM.

Before creating new records it is essential to check for duplicity, otherwise it leads to data redundancy. Data redundancy creates hurdles in data management and maintenance. It is extremely important to check for duplicate records and merge them into a single record. “Duplicate Check and Merge Extension” makes the process of checking for duplicate data has become extremely easy.

The features of Vtiger Duplicate Check and Merge Extension:

The Duplicate Check and Merge extension has the following features:

  • Check for duplicate data in real time.
  • Check for duplicate data in Quick Edit
  • Saves time and storage by preventing data redundancy.
  • Keeps the data consistent and up-to-date.
  • Supported by all Standard and custom-made modules.
  • Merge records automatically in case of duplicate data.

Have you configured this powerful extension and want to utilize it to prevent duplicity of records?

 First, let me explain to you how you can see if a field has duplicate data.

To check for duplicity access and organization and open the summary view. Here you can see a tick in front of a field. The tick icon tells that there is no duplicate for the record. 

A red danger icon in front of a field shows that there are possible duplicates for that.

To check for duplicate data in fields, Follow the following easy steps.

Step 1:

Access the main menu. Select settings and click on CRM settings.

Step 2:

From the other settings dropdown menu. Select Duplicate check and merge.

Step 3:

Select the module. You can choose the modules for which you want to check for duplicate fields.

Step 4:

After selecting the modules press “Save”.

Step 5:

Now, to check for duplicate data, select the field. Choose fields for cross-checking. Select when you want the CRM to show you the duplicity of data. 

Step 6:

In order to merge the specific field, select the checkbox “Duplicate merge” for that field.

Similarly configure for other modules.

That’s it. In this way, you can improve the accuracy of your records by merging the duplicate records.

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We provide full support for vtiger 8