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A Guide to Vtiger CRM

We have compiled A Guide to Vtiger CRM so you can use Vtiger effectively and maximize your efforts.

Read the article below to know everything about Vtiger.

A Guide to Vtiger CRM

Do you own a small business with a few employees or a large-scale company? CRM software is developed to organize your business operations and manage your team efficiently. This software is used globally by many companies, regardless of size.

A Vtiger service-providing company comprises experienced developers helping businesses expand their productivity by tailoring it according to their needs and strategies. VtigerDEV is a leading Vtiger service-providing agency. At VtigerDEV our aim is to offer the most reliable and accurate services to our valuable customers at affordable packages.

Things to remember when working on Vtiger

Vtiger offers a variety of features and extensions to customize it as per your requirements. Installing Vtiger properly and configuring it the right way is the key to making the most out of it. When working on Vtiger, there are several things and steps you must keep in mind. Some of these are mentioned below. 

  1. Installation and configuration: To install and configure Vtiger safely is important to make the most out of it. If you need guidance to install Vtiger consult VTDEV.
  2. Setting up your organization: After installing Vtiger on your systems it is important to properly set it for your organization like adding your company’s details logo etc.
  3. Customization: Once you have successfully installed and set up your organization on Vtiger, you can customize it to tailor as per your business needs.  
  4. Add data: In this step, you need to add your customer’s important data in Vtiger to maintain it in a more systematic way. Link your spreadsheet with Vtiger and transfer all the relevant data to specific modules.
  5. Integrate software: Multiple software work together for smooth business management. In this step integrate the third-party software and tools with Vtiger CRM to get a better experience.
  6. Training:  Train your employees  with the new working environment so they can streamline processes and increase efficiency by automating tasks and performing basic to complex operations with this powerful software.

More points to remember

Vtiger offers additional features so that you can have a smooth ride with the CRM:

  1. Workflow management: Workflows are created in Vtiger to automate basic operations. It saves a lot of time and effort and improves your business productivity and efficiency
  2. Setting roles and sharing rules: Vtiger is a tool to manage your team, it offers extensive support and features to set roles in your organization that define the hierarchy of users. Moreover, you can set sharing rules to define the access granted to different users.
  3. Reports and dashboard: In Vtiger keeping track of all the operations and projects is made a lot easier with the reports feature. You can create a detailed report to analyze the processes in your organization and get all the insights to make informed decisions.
  4. Manage leads: This feature is useful for the sales team in your organization. Vtiger can be used to generate leads, close deals and manage the overall sales process.
  5. Handle customer interactions: Vtiger is used by businesses to manage their customer interactions and provide reliable services. You can handle your customer inquiries and respond to them timely through Vtiger customer support features. This increases their satisfaction and so increase the sales of your business.

The scope of Vtiger doesn’t end here. If you dig deep into Vtiger features, you will know the power of using Vtiger for your business. If you want to know more about Vtiger read our articles. In case of any questions and queries reach out to our support team. 

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Choosing VTDEV for your CRM customization

Vtiger is a customizable CRM solution. It is primarily built for small to medium sized businesses to help them manage their customer relations, track their deals, run campaigns and perform everyday tasks more effectively. The ability to tailor Vtiger is the main reason for its popularity. Even the layout of Vtiger can be customized to meet your interests.

After installing the software the next step is to configure and implement it in your organization. To configure the software you should hire a vtiger expert with professional studies in the field and who can help you in tailoring the software successfully, 

Teams like VTDEV are working day in and out to develop useful extensions that will enhance your workflow and help you manage your data more efficiently. If you are looking for a team of expert Vtiger developers to help you customize your CRM. Feel free to consult us at VTDEV.

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