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Vtiger Extensions

The Vtiger Extensions are additional files or plug-ins that extend the capability of a software system. These Extensions are powerful tools that enhance the working ability and functionality of Vtiger CRM. Vtiger add-ons make users’ working experience better by allowing them to add custom modules, manage sales, create reports and automate different tasks, etc.

WhatsApp Integration

Seamlessly connect WhatsApp with your CRM to generate tickets, activities, and tasks directly from customer interactions. Easily transfer WhatsApp messages to any designated fields within a record, and mark specific messages as priority alerts.

Progress bar

Extension to show customized progress on a record

Email marketing

Allows you to send email campaigns and track them


A pipeline view for the CRM

Custom Reports and dashboard

Allows you to create advance reports and charts and an improved dashboard where you can see it all.

Advance Menu

Allows you to design your own new menu

Listview colors

Allows you to add custom colors on the listview of a module, based on conditions

Additional Custom fields

Allows you to add more field types in the VtigerCRM also.

Conditional layouts

Allows you to add condition based logics on the fields.

Item detail customizer

Allows you to customize your item block, by adding new columns, calculations etc.

Label editor

Allows you to rename and field on the cRM

Customized login page

Allows you to design your login page for vtiger

Quick edit

Allows the users to quick edit a record without going to the detail view.

Conditional Alerts

Setup custom alerts on your crm through conditions.

Listview colors

Add custom colors on the listview of a module, based on conditions.

Document Designer

Design documents in the CRM and send to clients

Resize column

With this extension you can adjust the default width of columns in the listview of modules.

Email marketing

Allows you to send email campaigns and track them

Custom buttons

Allows you to add custom condition based buttons on the detail view of a record.

Custom Reports and dashboard

Create advance reports and charts and an improved dashboard

Activity Reminder

The Activity Reminder popup is a very organized yet detailed view of the upcoming activities.

Conditional layouts

Allows you to add condition based logics on the fields.

Work Automation

The work automation extension lets you automate complex operations and streamline processes.

Customer Portal

Improve your customer interactions and manage customer relations efficiently.

keyword shortcut

Speed up processes with the Keyboard shortcut extension.

Work Automation

The work automation extension lets you automate complex operations and streamline processes.


Grab attention of your employees by mentioning them in the comments.

Custom header

Customize Your crm with custom header,


The Multi-SMTP Server is a robust and versatile email delivery solution designed to streamline

Advance Email Extensions

Enhances your email capabilities, ensuring efficient communication management,

Enhancing Vtiger CRM with Customization and Support Extensions

Vtiger CRM plug-ins can additionally supply extra customization options. For example, you can use Vtiger plugins to regulate the look and performance of yourVtiger CRM. This consists of extensions of reports, login page, new invoices, patron portals, and more. Additionally, Vtiger CRM help extensions can grant organizations with extra technical aid and sources to make sure they are getting the most out of their Vtiger CRM.

 Vtiger extensions market is a superb aid for discovering and putting in new extensions to enhance your Vtiger experience. It is necessary to observe that the usage of nulled extensions can be unstable and may also compromise the protection and steadiness of your CRM system.

There are a number of free Vtiger plugins available, such as Vtiger Quickbooks sync extensions, Vtiger for Google extensions, and Vtiger open supply extensions. These add-ons can assist automate tasks, enhance reporting capabilities, and decorate the average overall performance of Vtiger CRM.

Overall, Vtiger extensions provide businesses with the flexibility to customize Vtiger CRM to meet their unique needs and improve their overall CRM experience.  

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vtiger related record update extension

How our Vtiger extensions can boost your CRM experience

Extensions are the smartest and easiest way to improve the functionality and productivity of Vtiger. Along with that these extensions also upgrade the layout and so improve the User working experience. In addition to the above-mentioned vtiger add-ons, other CRM customizations can also be done to enhance the CRM experience. Google Calendar and sales forecast extensions can also be configured to improve the workflow and enhance efficiency.

Although, the previous vtiger versions lacked on productivity and customization capabilities, the latest vtiger CRMs are advanced and offer improved features for business management. 

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