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Vtiger Listview Colors

Add colors to the listview of records by configuring the "Vtiger Listview colors Extension" by VTDEV.

Vtiger Listview Colors Extension : 

The pre-defined color codes help us understand what needs attention. Colors also play important role in Vtiger CRM. Vtiger supports “ Vtiger ListView Color Extension”. This extension is used to highlight rows in the listview of each module based on some specific conditions. It enables users to take the necessary action on that record. You can identify the record you want to access easily using this extension.

With ListView Extension, the list view of the standard, as well as custom-made modules, can be customized based on your needs.

ListView Extension allows users to create custom views of records in a module that is tailored to their specific needs. This increases productivity and makes record management much easier and more flexible.

Here are some common features that a ListView color extension may provide:

  • You can customize the color scheme according to your requirements.
  • Listview Colors Extension allows you to customize the font of text in each column.
  • Compatible with all modules e.g Standard and Custom made.
  • This extension does not change your Vtiger core files.

Documentation and Guide Listview Colors

Using the List View Colors accurately can help you get more benefits from the powerful extension. Read our step-by-step guide to use List View Colors for your records.

Step 1:

After configuring our Kanban on your CRM you can access it through your Vtiger account. First login to your Vtiger. Go to the Main menu. Select Settings and click on CRM settings.

creating lists step 8 Listview colors

Add Color-Coding Rules

  1. In the customization menu, you should find an option to add color-coding rules or conditions.
  2. Color-coding rules typically involve setting conditions based on certain field values. For instance, you might want to color-code records where the “Priority” field is set to “High.”
  3. Create a new color-coding rule by specifying the field, condition, and the color you want to associate with that condition.

Define Conditions

  1. Within the color-coding rule settings, define the conditions that should trigger the color-coding.
  2. You might need to select a field (e.g., “Status,” “Priority”) and define the condition (e.g., “Equals,” “Contains,” “Is Not”). Then, specify the value that should match the condition (e.g., “High,” “In Progress”).
  3. Some systems might allow you to set multiple conditions for more complex color-coding logic.

Save and Apply

  1. Once you’ve set up your color-coding rules and chosen colors for each condition, save your changes.
  2. Return to the list view of the module. You should now see records colored according to the conditions you defined.

To customize your ListView colors feel free to Contact VTDEV. Because we work diligently to customize your listview so you can focus on your business goals.

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