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Vtiger Conditional layouts

Design attractive and informative layout for your CRM instance with our newly launched Vtiger Conditional Layout Extension.

Vtiger Conditional Layouts Extension

Layout has a key role in creating an impact on the users. Having an intuitive and user-friendly software layout not only enhances the performance but also optimizes the speed of processes. Although, vtiger CRM has a simplistic and modern layout. The software allows its users to further customize it as per their needs.

Vtiger Extensions or Add-ons are the most powerful feature of Vtiger. Extensions help users by automating difficult tasks and providing advanced functionalities. Conditional Layout is another useful extension for Vtiger CRM  which allows you to add condition-based logic on different fields.

Vtiger enables its users to customize the layout of a specific field based on the result of another field. Vtiger allows you to customize the layouts of fields in every module based on some conditions. This extension hides a field and makes the field mandatory or read-only based on the condition applied to the previous field. Developed using Vtiger standard workflow this extension improves data accuracy and efficiency. 

The conditional layout extension is a feature available in Vtiger CRM that allows you to control the layout of fields on a form based on certain conditions.

Some of the key features of the Conditional Layouts extension include:
  • Customize the layout of each field
  • This extension supports edit, create, or detail view.
  • Compatible with the module manager
  • Works with all standard and custom modules.

Documentation and Guide for Conditional layouts extension

Have you configured our conditional layouts extension and want to make use of it for your betterment? Do you want to add this useful extension and design a modern layout for your CRM?

conditional layouts step 7

Here is a step-by-step guide to configure conditional layouts in your CRM.

Step 1:

First, install the extension on your CRM.

Step 2:

Now to configure the extension. Go to the main menu. Select settings and click on CRM settings.

conditional layout step 5

Step 3:

Here from the other settings drop-down select Conditional Layout.

conditional layout step 4

Step 4:

To create a new layout. Click on the “New conditional layout “ button.

Step 5:

In the first step, you have to enter the name of the module and give a description of your layout.

conditional layout step 3

Step 6:

After fling necessary details Press Next to proceed.

conditional layout step 2

Step 7:

Now, give a condition to trigger the layout. Click on the Next button after setting the condition.

conditional layout step 7

Step 8:

To add a task. Click on the add task button and then press the Update field.

Step 9:

This will prompt a form on your screen. Here enter a title of your action. Select the field value and the action.

Step 10:

Click on the save button.

Step 11:

Lastly, press the Finish button.

That’s it.

Being an open-source and flexible solution, vtiger allows its users to tailor it according to their business needs and necessities.

Most of the business owners utilize Vtiger’s advanced features to manage their business smoothly and automate most of their everyday tasks.Hiring expert vtiger developers is the best practice adopted by these business owners to successfully implement and set up the Vtiger CRM software into their brand.

Withthe Vtiger conditional layout extension, you can create dynamic and user-friendly forms that adapt to the user’s input. If you want to add this feature to your Vtiger CRM. Don’t hesitate and Contact VTDEV Now. Further, if you need any other help related to Vtiger customization, feel free and book our services.