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vtiger conditional alerts extension

Vtiger Conditional Alerts

The Vtiger Conditional alert or popup extension” is a powerful Vtiger extension that enforces some specific rules and regulations while entering data in the fields. This extension displays a popup or alert box when a user enters a certain type of data in a field. 

The popup is condition-based and it displays when the applied condition becomes true. This extension works on edit or create view, you can specify a condition on a field to trigger an alert and stop the record from being saved. It also works with the detail view and shows an alert or popup when a record is opened.

The key features of Vtiger Conditional Alerts Extension:

  • Easy to configure.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Works well with edit, create, and detail view.
  • Compatible with the module manager
  • Available at Vtiger marketplace.

To watch Our Training Videos go to the link below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnM0dG51Yp22NceqAOT1-Yg

The conditional alert extension for Vtiger triggers alerts or popups based on your conditions. 

To add a new conditional alert in your CRM follow the following easy steps.

Step 1:

First, go to the main menu. Select settings and click on the CRM settings.

custom alert step 1

Step 2:

Here from the other settings drop-down menu. Select Conditional alerts

custom alert step 3

Step 3:

To create a new alert. Click on the “New conditional alert/Popup” button.

custom alert step 4


Step 4:

In the first step, you have to select a module and write a description for your alert. 

custom alert step 6


Press next to proceed.

Step 5:

Now, set up a condition that will trigger the alert or popup. Once you have set up a condition press the next button.

custom alert step 5

Step 6:

This is the last step. Now, you have to add an action that will be performed when the condition triggers. Give a title to your action. And fill in other fields. In the text editor type the text for the popup and click save.

custom alert step 11

Step 7:

Click on the finish button to finish the setting.

That’s it. For further guidance, you can watch our YouTube tutorial below.

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We provide full support for vtiger 8