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Vtiger Resize Columns

Readjust the default width of columns in Vtiger CRM with our exclusively developed "Vtiger Resize Columns Extension"

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Columns are the basic storage block of Vtiger CRM listview. Columns can be used to manage your data.

VTDEV has developed another powerful extension to customize Vtiger’s default layout according to your requirements. The Vtiger Resize Columns extension comes in handy when you feel the need to change the default width of columns in the List view of any module.

The extension works in a way to adjust the size of any column by dragging the column. With an easy-to-use interface this extension has proved to enhance user’s working experience by customizing the layout of Vtiger CRM.

Following are the features of our Resize Columns extension:
  1. Easy to install and configure.
  2. User friendly layout.
  3. Compatible with module manager.
  4. Works with all standard and custom modules.
  5. Included in the extension pack.

Resize column allows you to adjust the width of listview items very easily.

Here is a detailed guide to configure the extension for your CRM.

Step 1:

Firstly install the extension on your CRM instance or get it configured by a suitable Vtiger developer.

resize column step 3

Step 2:


Now, to access the extension. Click on the Main menu.

Step 3:

From the other settings drop-down select Resize column.


Step 4:

Enable the checkbox to activate the extension.

resize column step 3

Step 5:

Now go to any module. Adjust the width of columns by dragging and dropping them.resize column step 5

That’s it.

Are you struggling to adjust columns in list view of modules? If yes then this extension is just for you. Contact VTDEV

If you are managing your business on Vtiger but are struggling with the listview customization and want to expand the column sizes in the listview. Get your hands on our exclusive Resize columns extension.

and configure this extension with your Vtiger CRM to customize Vtiger as your own software.

For more information contact us

We provide full support for vtiger 8