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Advance Email

vtiger email marketing

With the Advance Email extension. Email campaigns are a very smart way to reach your target audience and convey your message to the customers. In fact, the marketing team of every organization creates and strategizes email campaigns to spread awareness among the mass audience. 

So, Vtiger is a software tool that offers advanced tools and additional extensions to enhance the workflow and streamline processes. Also, our Advance Email extensions come in handy for the marketing team as this new and improved extension is a way for marketing executives to automate campaigns and above all increase productivity. Moreover, this also affects your client’s communication through email marketing.

With the help of our advanced email extension, businesses can send and run email campaigns using pre-designed templates. Additionally, Vtiger allows its users to schedule and track email campaigns to make informed decisions in the future. This will also improve the sales of a company by improving the business efficiency.

Here are some of the main features of the Vtiger Advance Email Extension:

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Highly customizable allowing you to design email templates with an intuitive configuration panel.
  3. Automates email campaigns.
  4. Schedule and Track the campaigns.
  5. Included in our exclusive extension pack.

When configuring any of our Vtiger extensions it is recommended  to follow each step carefully and take necessary precautions and backup of your CRM data to prevent data loss.

If you want to utilize our Advance Email extension Read the step by step Guide below and configure the plugin successfully in to your CRM instance.

Step 1:

First, log in to your Vtiger CRM account and activate the extension from the CRM settings.

Step 2:

Now, to use the advance email extension. Go to the Main Menu from the side bar. Select the Marketing module and then go to Contacts.

Step 3:

From the listview, select the record for which you want to generate an email.

Step 4:

 In order to send an email, press the Send Email button from the top left.

Step 5:

A popup will be displayed on your screen. Here, tick mark the checkbox to select the email address from which the email will be sent.

Press Select.

Step 6

In this step, you have to compose the email template.Enter the email of the receiver, write the subject, add attachments if required. You can select the include signature checkbox if you want to add your signature.

Step 7:

Type the email message in the email body.

Step 8:

Note that, you can also select an email template from the pre designed template by clicking on Select Email Template  button.

Step 9:

After comp[losing the email message click on the Send Email button.

On doing this your email will be sent to mentioned email address.


That’s it. Like this, you can send custom emails with improved functions.

For more detailed tutorial on our Advance Email Extension you can also take watch our youtube video.


Customizing CRM solutions requires proper knowledge and some technical expertise in the field. Although Vtiger is a highly customizable CRM tool however, you may need guidance and help to set up the software in your organization. So if you are a business manager or administrator who wants to configure the software, add extensions, and integrate third-party tools simply hire an expert Vtiger developer like VTDEV. Furthermore, our team of professional Vtiger developers at VTDEV aims to develop powerful extensions.

Hence, to get the Advance Email extension contact us Now.

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