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How to do Field Mapping In Vtiger

Field Mapping In Vtiger is a smart way used by companies to manage and enter the data ensuring data accuracy and consistency. In this article we will cover the steps of field mapping in Vtiger.

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What is Vtiger?

Vtiger is a leading customer relationship management software tool used by businesses worldwide to manage their team, customer relations, and other related aspects of management. Companies store and manage their confidential data with Vtiger to improve efficiency and consistency. Vtiger is a combination of several modules, with each module specified to store data for certain processes.

The power of Field Mapping In Vtiger

Let's say you need to transfer some data from the leads module to any other module. Will you fill each field manually? Isn’t it possible to fill some fields automatically to all the modules when you fill the leads module? Of course, there is a way as there is for any issue in Vtiger. The transformation of important data can be automated through field mapping. Now there will be several questions raised in your mind like What is Mapping? How can you Map fields in Vtiger? How does it work etc? So in this article, we will see how you can perform field mapping in Vtiger, its usage, benefits, and much more.

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Field Mapping in Vtiger

Field Mapping refers to the process of assigning a value to a field in a module by mapping it to a related field in the leads module. This improves the accuracy of data storage and enhances the workflow. You can map fields in Vtiger while converting data from the leads module to other modules.  

When maintaining data, you may find the need to transfer data from the leads module to other modules like Contacts, Organization, and opportunities. Mapping can be done on the custom fields. You can not map data in fields that are auto-generated or standard.

Step to map fields in Vtiger

To map fields in Vtiger follow the following steps:

Step 1:

Login to your Vtiger account.

lead mapping step 1

Step 2:

Click on the Main Menu icon, and Go to the Leads Module.

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Step 3:

Click on the Customize Button in the top-right corner and select Lead Conversion Data Mapping.

lead mapping step 3

Step 4:

Here is a list of already mapped fields.

lead mapping step 3

Step 5:

Now click on the Edit button.

lead mapping step 4

Step 6:

Click on Add Mapping button.

lead mapping step 5

Step 7:

Select the field from Leads Module that will be mapped to other modules. Here I am selected “Lead status”.

lead mapping step 6

Step 8:

Now select related fields from the Contacts, Organization, and Opportunities section.

lead mapping step 7

Here I am mapping “Lead status” with Quickbooks status, Quickbook status, and Sales stage.

Step 9:

Click Save

lead mapping step 8

Benefits of Field Mapping In Vtiger

  1. Maintaining the data: Mapping is a smart feature of Vtiger that allows you to maintain important data.


  1. Data Accuracy: Mapping reduces the chances of error in data accuracy and helps you keep the data consistent.


  1. Saves time: It speeds up data entry tasks and saves time and effort by mapping related data.

Field Mapping by VTDEV

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