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Maximize Mobility with Vtiger CRM Mobile Application

Nox, you can Maximize Mobility with Vtiger CRM Mobile Application. For the betterment of the company most businesses are adopting the new trend of business management tools. Vtiger is one such tool enabling businesses to automate tasks and streamline processes. The software also provides mobile app feature so you can perform your important tasks on the go.

Read the article below to learn about some exciting features of the Vtiger mobile application.

Vtiger CRM Mobile Application: Manage business on the go:

Vtiger has launched its mobile app, allowing businesses to access their data and engage with the audience on the go. This app is integrated with the web version of Vtiger. Through the mobile app sales manager can track leads, marketing experts can run campaigns at any time of the data, and customer support representatives can also get benefits from the app. The Vtiger mobile application has grabbed customer’s attention as it is the perfect software for them to manage regular communication with employees, partners and clients.

The installation process for Vtiger mobile application is quite simple. All you need is a smart phone and good internet connection.Employees can install the app by accessing the google play store or apple store on their mobile devices and search for Vtiger CRM to download the mobile application.

Top 6 Advantages of using the Vtiger CRM Mobile Application

The Vtiger mobile application has proved to be beneficial for organizations and even individuals. The workflow of employees has been increasing and organizations are observing a positive change in the organization. Following are some advantages of the Vtiger CRM mobile application:

  1. Better Customer Engagement
    Through mobiles, app employees can reach out to the audience at any time of the day providing them with the most reliable services and answering their queries in real-time. This has improved customer engagement.
  2. Improved Team Collaboration: 
    On every project multiple team members are connected and working together. With Vtiger’s mobile app employees can collaborate with other team members, share notes and even send messages through voice notes.
  3. Easy Access to Records: 
    Assessing the records from the mobile app is another useful Feature. The users can access records from their app even if they don’t have access to the laptop. The records can be saved and viewed offline if needed.
  4. Reports and Dashboard: 
    The reports and dashboard feature is helpful of every employee in every organization. This is because conducting analysis of the ongoing projects is crucial for businesses to take informed decisions in the future. Dashboards can be customized within the mobile application to display upcoming events and important tasks for every team member.
  5. Notifications and Alerts: 
    The mobile app also has a notification feature that will notify you whenever an important event is coming or tasks are overdue. By clicking on the notification, it will take you to the specific task or event and you can make further changes on it.
  6. Customization and Integration: 
    Within the mobile app some version also allows the users to customize the layout and configure integrations if needed. Users can set up permissions and the interface, enable dark mode, add lists integrate and sync emails, etc.

 Vtiger mobile app is a smart tool that helps businesses enhance their efficiency and increase flexibility. Companies are opting for the mobile version of Vtiger primarily because of its mobility, users can not just access the records or track leads but also create records, modify data and connect with the audience on fingertips. Just make a swipe and create records to store valuable information. Once a record is created on the Vtiger mobile application, it automatically gets synced and stored on the web version

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Choosing VTDEV for your Vtiger jobs

Vtiger’s features and tools are never ending. It offers extensive support to help businesses excel in business management. Most small business owners are endorsing Vtiger’s mobile application to boost their operations and increase mobily. The mobile app for Vtiger is easily available on the app store and can be configured by just setting up some basic information.

Further, if you need any guidance the services providers for Vtiger may assist you to tailor the software and customize it for your unique business. VTDEV is a leading Vtiger services providing agency helping businesses to manage their data and automate tasks through Vtiger. Incase of queries or questions consult us at support@vtdevsolutions.com

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