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Multi SMTP Extension

Configure Multiple outgoing email servers for your Vtiger users with our Multi SMTP Extension.

SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol. In fact, It is a modern-day technique applied in hundreds of businesses to streamline email communications and enhance efficiency. Basically, the multi SMTP extension for Vtiger CRM is developed to allow businesses to enhance their email communications and boost email campaigns. The extension also comes in handy in streamlining marketing procedures.

Marketing is a very important aspect of business management. Furthermore, The marketing team runs email campaigns and sends bulk emails to clients to grab their attention and promote the products. 

To send an email each employee needs a specific email address. While, one employee may need multiple outgoing email servers to perform the tasks. However, With the Multi SMTP extension admins can configure multiple outgoing email servers for a single user. 

Vtiger Multi SMTP extension is an easy way to configure email servers with an intuitive configuration panel and easy-to-use interface. The plug-in is designed considering the growing needs of businesses. Above all, the business admins can enhance their workflow by speed-optimizing email configuration for the users.

Here are the top features of our Multi SMTP extension:

  1. The extension is easily configurable with your CRM instance.
  2. It has a user-friendly configuration panel.
  3. Next, it improves the power of marketing.
  4. Seamless email communication. 
  5. Add multiple email addresses for a single user.
  6. Included in our exclusive “Extension pack”

The Vtiger Multi SMTP extension is highly advantageous for businesses of all kinds in enhancing their email communications and streamlining email campaigns. If you have installed this handy extension with your CRM but are unable to utilize it, Here is a step-by-step tutorial for you.


Step 1:

First, you have to install the extension into your CRM instance. After installing the extension you can configure the email servers. For that go to the main menu and select CRM settings.


Step 2:

Now, under the My Preferences dropdown menu select M preferences.


Step 3:

Next, from the top right corner, select outgoing server.


Step 4:

Here is a list of all your outgoing servers. To add a new server press the “Add new configuration” button.


Step 5:

Next, on clicking the button, vtiger displays a popup form on your screen. Fill out the form with the required information. Add server name, user name, and password. Type the from the email and reply to the email.

Then select the necessary checkboxes.


Step 6:

Finally, click the save button after configuring your email server.


That’s it. In this easy way, you can configure as many email servers as you want.

An outgoing email server is used to send emails with multiple email addresses. Although, Vtiger by default allows you to add one email address per user. However, the Vtiger Multi SMTP extension is designed to solve this problem for businesses and allow them to configure multiple outgoing email servers.

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