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vtiger predictive fields extension

Vtiger Predictive Fields

“ Vtiger Predictive fields Extension” is a Vtiger extension designed in order to predict the next value to be filled by examining the previous value entered by the user.
This extension works when a user performs an action. Observing this action the extensions suggest some options for the next value. These options appear as bubbles around the field.
In addition to this, when a record is older than a certain number of days you can set it to don’t show predictions.

Vtiger Predictive Fields Extension Features:


• It works with picklist, date, or text fields.

• Predicts value in edit, detail, and summary views.

• Allows you to configure the conditions.

• Easy to use interface.

• It has Module manager compatible.

• Available at Vtiger marketplace.

The Predictive fields extension is a better way to add data to your Vtiger records. This plug-in shows predictions for field data based on your previous entries.

If you want to utilize this extension and enhance the accuracy of your tasks. Read the step-by-step tutorial below:

Step 1:

To configure the extension. First, go to the main menu. Now, select settings and then click on the CRM settings.

Step 2:

From the sidebar select other settings and then click on Predictive Fields.

Step 3:

From here you can configure the extension for every module.

Step 4:

Press the “New predictive fields” button.

Step 5:

Now, select the module where you want to add this extension. Enter the number of days you want to analyze and turn on the status to active.

Step 6:

Now click on the “Add field” button to add a field. You can also press the “Analyze All” button if you want to predict data for every field.

Step 7:

Configure the field according to your requirements.

That’s it. Now, Vtiger will show predictions for your field entries to increase the accuracy.

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So are you ready to transform your CRM?


We provide full support for vtiger 8