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Solving Vtiger Errors: Blank page After Login

Vtiger errors are the main cause of less efficiency, Here we will look into Solving Vtiger Errors: Blank page After Login.

Vtiger's Blank Page Login Error

Vtiger is the most popular customer relationship management software tool developed and used by small sized businesses. It allows them to create a healthy working environment for their employees. Interact with customers efficiently, manage huge amounts of confidential data, and much more.

Getting errors while working on any software is a common issue faced by people. Similarly, when you are working on Vtiger you may encounter different errors and problems. One of the very common issues is to face a blank page after you have logged into Vtiger.

Why the Blank page occurs.

You may wonder why are you facing this issue. Let me tell you some of the most common reasons why you are having a blank page after you log in to Vtiger.

  1. Wrong configurationIf the developer has made a wrong or misconfiguration within your Vtiger files it can lead to a blank page after login.
  2. Hosting issues: Another reason for blank screen is the problem on the hosting server. Some wrong configuration in the server can cause blank screen.
  3. File permissions: The most common reason is that your file permissions are not properly set which may lead to a blank screen.
  4. Software bugs: In software development, a major reason for errors is that the software has bugs.

Let's Solve the Blank Page after Login error in Vtiger

Now that you have figured out what is causing a blank screen on your system. Let’s see what should you do to solve the problem.

  1. Browser cache cleaningSometimes the only reason for facing a blank screen after login into Vtiger is the browser cache memory. To sort this problem clear the browser cache and history and check If the issue is resolved.
  2. Set file permissions: If the issue is due to disabled file permissions. Ensure that proper permissions are granted and there are no incorrect permissions.
  3. Error reporting: The best way to solve blank page problem after login is through error reporting. This can be done from the server side by changing some values in the PHP core files.
  • Go to “/vtigercrm/”
  • Open index.php with your favorite text editor
  • After <?php create a new line and add “ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);” – (exclude double quotes).
  • Save it
  1. Server settings: If you are still facing the issue check if your server settings are properly configured.
  2. Disable extensions: If the error is caused due to extensions and theme configuration disable all the extensions and themes. This may solve the issue for you.
  3. Contact the support team: If you are still facing a blank page, there might be a more complex technical error. To resolve the issue you can contact your Vtiger service providers to check the issue for you.
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