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Having a strong bond with your customers can benefit your business in many ways. Read the article below to know how Vtiger can prove to beneficial in improving your customer relations

The Importance of strong customer relations for businesses

Vtiger is an open-source and powerful Customer relationship management software allowing businesses to manage sales, marketing and customer relations efficiently and seamlessly. Having good relations with customers plays prime role in business’s growth and success. Providing best customer service and support to your potential customers is the key to achieve more sales and generate more revenue.

Each business is different from other and so their customers are also different but understanding your customer’s thinking and requirements is important for every business to deliver suitable services and get best response. The more satisfied and happy your clients are the higher your sales will be. Analyzing your customer’s requirements and understanding their need is essential to provide them the best service. With Vtiger you can communicate with your customers more efficiently, get to know their expectations and enhance your customer relations.

6 ways to build long-lasting relations with the customers through Vtiger

Sometimes you have to go an extra mile to win your customers trust, but that is definitely worth it. Following are come ways you can build strong relations and gain the trust of your customers:

  1. Customer interaction.
  2. Data security and accuracy
  3. 24/7 support
  4. Better customer’s experience
  5. An all in one software
  6. Customer portal


  • Customer interaction:

Communication is the key to success. To get your customer’s trust it is extremely important to interact with them and understand their needs. As the world is evolving, the means of communication are also changing. To cope up, businesses should interact with the clients in more modern ways. Communication through social media should be promoted. Vtiger CRM allows you to be in touch with your customers from the time of signing the deal to delivering the final product and afterwards. Keep your clients up-to-date on each phase with Vtiger.


  • Data security and accuracy:

When a customer is working with you their first priority is to keep the valuable data and information secure from any kind of loss. Vtiger is a secure CRM software keeping the data secure without loosing its integrity and consistency. The data is safely stored and you can easily access and update it anytime you want.


  • 24/7 support:

When a customer encounters any problem or faces and error, being there to solve it quickly can help you gain your customer’s trust. Companies should set  a 24/7 support system to deal with their customers around the clock. Vtiger with its advanced features enables you to provide 24 hours support to your customer.



  • Better customer experience:

For long-lasting business and better customer relations offering your customers top-notch services is essential. Vtiger has a variety of extension and plug-ins to enhance customer’s working experience creating a great impact on company’s growth and development.


  • An all-in-one software:

        Vtiger has advanced functionalities and features. With latest extensions and third-party integrations it has proved to be the best Customer relationship management software tool enabling business to automate complex and repetitive business tasks and increase sales, marketing and customer relations. We at VtigerDEV help you set up Vtiger CRM for your business.

  • Customer portal:

With Vtiger’s customer portal clients can add reviews and inqueries. These reviews can help businesses improve customer experience, sales and thus generate more revenue.


Vtiger is used by most of the business to manage their customer relations, communicate with their customers, send emails, schedule meetings and much more. Maintaining customers data, keeping their data secure and providing them top-notch services is extremely important for the business administrators to achieve more sales.

Choosing VtigerDEV for your Vtiger jobs

Vtiger is full fledge software tool empowering millions of businesses to enhance their customer relations, analyze their growth, track deals and make informed decisions for the betterment of their business. Moreover, it allows businesses to customize it according to their own interest. Vtiger customizations include, adding custom modules to store additional data, custom fields, layout enhancement, condition based interface and much more.

If you are a growing business, using Vtiger for business management and want to tailor Vtiger according to your unique requirements then VtigerDEV is the perfect option for you. We at VtigerDEV provide the most reliable and suitable extensions and integrations to increase your workflow and so boost your business efficiency.