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All about Installing Vtiger on Synology Drive

The article below is a detailed guide on Installing Vtiger on Synology Drive.

If  you want to manage and maintain your data and important information efficiently. Install Vtiger on synology to get a safe and secure hosting.

Installing Vtiger on Synology Drive

Vtiger is a leading CRM solution. It provides hundreds of useful features and tools to enable business owners to excel in the field of Business management. It extends support for all the business management tasks, from generation of leads, tracking the deals, interacting with the customers, or running campaigns. On the other hand, Synology is a network-attached storage solution. It is a powerful system providing huge storage capacity and data management.

The Synology drive is the best way of hosting your Vtiger CRM with a more secure and reliable connection. If you are facing security issues, or want to handle large amount of data on your CRM and struggling to backup your files properly, you should definitely opt for Synology to host your Vtiger. It is used by individuals, small business owners as well as enterprises. Host applications in a more organized and convenient way.

Steps to install Vtiger successfully on Synology

To successfully install Vtiger on your Synology drive. You should have some technical knowledge about Vtiger, Synology and related frameworks. If you have some technical knowledge you can simply read the steps following steps and roll on.

  1. System requirements: First check for the system requirements. Make sure that your Synology server meets the minimum requirements for installing Vtiger.
  2. Install Apache: Install Apache or any other web server on your device and perform the basic configurations.
  3. Database creation: Go to the MYSQL server from your device. Create a new database to store all Vtiger CRM files. Then create a database user and set a password and username. Don’t forget to save the username and password for further use.
  4. Download and install Vtiger: Go to Vtiger’s official salesforge site and download the latest version of Vtiger. Connect to your Synology NAS. Transfer the Vtiger installation file into the Synology directory. Unzip the tar.gz file within the directory on your Synology NAS.
  5. Run installation script: Access your Synology web server. Go to the directory where you extracted Vtiger files. Launch the installation script on the web browser.
  6. Follow installation steps: Now follow the giver wizard for installing Vtiger successfully on your Synology drive.
  7. Access Vtiger: After installation. Access Vtiger by entering the URL on your Synology NAS.
  8. Perform initial configuration: Set up and configure Vtiger to make use of its useful features and tools.

That’s how you can install Vtiger on your Synology NAS. 

Key features and benefits of hosting Vtiger on Synology Drive

Hosting Vtiger on Synology can be very beneficial for your business. Synology it self is a very powerful hosting server. When integrated with Vtiger, it offers, more expert and reliable services. Let’s discuss some of the key features and benefits of hosting your Vtiger on Synology Drive.

  1. Safe and secure hosting: Synology NAS provides a safe and secure environment to store your confidential data and host your CRM. 
  2. Cost-effective hosting: It is a cost-effective way to Host your Vtiger. With advanced solutions to store and maintain data without any monthly subscription package. This is why most Small business owners opt for Synology NAS.
  3. Data Management on central resource: The data is stored on a central device making it easier and more convenient for the users to access and modify it.
  4. Flexibility: Synology offers extensive flexibility to add additional vtiger Extentions. You can not just perform front-end changes but also modify the code if needed.
  5. Expandability: The scalability of Synology is endless. If you find the need to expand the basic functionalities and upgrade the version, Synology NAS allows you to do so in some simple steps.
  6. Backup and recovery: Synology NAS has a built-in backup and recovery system to keep the backup of your crucial data and thus prevent your data from losing.
  7. Self-Hosting: It is a self-hosting server means that you can easily find Vtiger on the Package server and install it to manage your business operations.
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