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Creating and Managing Lists In Vtiger

Creating and managing Lists in Vtiger required proper knowledge and guidance. If you are struggling to do so, read the detailed article below.

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What is CRM?

CRM softwares are used worldwide to manage different busine ss operations from sales pipeline management to marketing automation, customer relations and much more. As every business is different from other, and their requirements and strategy for using the CRM software to benefit their business is also unique. Thus to find the CRM that fits you business is important to make the most Out of it.

The power of Vtiger Customizations

Vtiger is a powerful CRM software consisting a variety of useful features and powerful functionalities. With the power to customize Vtiger allows its users to tailor it according to their needs and requirements. Vtiger with its advanced features and high-end functionalities allows businesses to streamline processes. Moreover, the service-providing companies for Vtiger are also developing new and latest extensions so that the companies can enhance their business management skills. The custom report feature is one such powerful and highly used feature in Vtiger CRM.

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Lists in Vtiger

Searching through records in Vtiger and finding a record with specific criteria needs proper control over the mouse and keyboard. You may have to navigate through records to find the one you want, the navigation process can be very hectic at times.

To eradicate the need to navigate through records, Vtiger extends feature to create a custom list. On clicking the list you created Vtiger displays records that pass some pre-defined criteria. The list feature of Vtiger is applicable in the list view of modules. This is a smart way to organize the records and access them when needed.


The importance of Vtiger lists

Searching for specific records sometimes becomes a difficult task for vtiger users. By creating custom lists in Vtiger listview users can speed up their searching processes. By setting up a condition for your search operation you can shortlist the records and retrieve the vtiger records you need. You can customize your lists in vtiger to optimize your search operations and enhance user's working experience.

Steps to create and manage Lists in Vtiger

If you want to filter out some records based on a specific criteria, create a list and set condtions to perform the search operation. To do so, follow the following simple steps.

Step 1:

Login to your Vtiger account. From the main menu select the module for which you want to create a list

creating lists step 1

Step 2:

You can see a list of records displayed on your screen with some pre-defined columns.

creating lists step 2

Step 3:

To create a new list click on the plus icon on top left.

creating lists step 3

Step 4:

Enter the basic information of your list, such as the name and columns to be displayed.

creating lists step 4

Step 5:

Now set conditions to display the records.

creating lists step 5

Step 6:

To share the list with other team members select the share radio button and then select the members with whom you want to share the list

creating lists step 6

Step 7:

After entering the required data click save to save the list.

creating lists step 7

You can access the list created from the left sidebar.

After creating the list you may find the need to edit, delete or duplicate it for that you can simply click on the arrow in front of the list and modify the list you want.creating lists step 8

Choosing VTDEV for your Vtiger issues

Lists are the best feature of Vtiger CRM helping to optimize the speed of your search operations. But, If not configured accurately they can be harmful for your CRM and reduce your business productivity. VTDEV is a team of skilled vtiger developers designing powerful vtiger extensions to customize the CRM solution fro your organization. With our top-notch Vtiger services and support, we ensure you to transform thwe software according to your business,

If you want consultation and guidance to customize Vtiger, configure additional extensions and integrate other softwares, don’t hesitate and contact VTDEV a team of professional developers working to develop useful extensions and integrate powerful third-party softwares with your Vtiger CRM.

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