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How to solve "Sorry! attempt to access restricted file" Error

"Sorry! attempt to access restricted file" Error is a common vtiger error. If you are facing it. Read the article below.

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Vtiger Errors

Errors and bugs are a part of software development. Vtiger errors occur when something goes wrong on the server side While using Vtiger you may encounter issues regarding data management, module configuration, user management, inventory management, etc. Companies Like VtigerDEV can create a suitable working environment for your business processes to help you excel in your fields without worrying about business management tasks.

The "Sorry! attempt to access restricted file" Error is a very common error faced by users when working on Vtiger. This errors restricts the user to access a particular file or folder in Vtiger. The error occurs when the user do not have necessary access to the files he is trying to open. But nothing to worry because in this article we will see how you can solve the error of “Sorry! attempt to access restricted file”.

Step to solve "Sorry! attempt to access restricted file" Error

To resolve this error check for the following configuration and permissions.

  1. Check for User permission: This is the main and most common reason for this error. Thus, first, check for your account’s user permission in Vtiger and make sure you have access to the file you are trying to open. In case of any questions, consult the system administrator.
  2. Clear browser cache: Sometimes the problem is just with your browser. If the issue is not resolved by checking the user permissions. Go and clear your browser cache memory in the browser settings. This may solve the problem.
  3. Check for configuration issue: If the problem is with the configuration you can resolve it by setting the configuration the following way:
  • Go to your vTigerCRM directory
  • Open “config.inc.php”.
  • Go to line 86 and set the $root_directory value to the correct vTiger directory. The directory must end with /. 

It should look something like this – $root_directory = ‘/var/www/vtigercrm/’; 

  1. Contact Vtiger customer support: If the issue still persists there might be a technical error with the Vtiger server. To solve consult the Vtiger support team.

Reasons that cause this error to occur

Errors and development go hand in hand. When working on any software you may get a lot of errors. Similarly, when you are working on Vtiger, there might be a possibility that you get error messages regarding the way you are using it. One of the most common errors that you might get on Vtiger is the “Sorry! attempt to access restricted file”. There are multiple reasons you getting this error while accessing a file,

  1. File restrictions: The main reason of this error is that you are trying to access a file that is set for specific user access.
  2. Access control configuration: There might be a misconfiguration on access control within Vtiger that causes these error messages.
  3. User Permission: The third reason is that your user account might be restricted to access this particular file or folder.
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