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Managing Customer Service Reports

Want to create and manage custom reports in Vtiger. Read the article below.

Create and manage informative and attractive customer service reports with Vtiger CRM

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What is Vtiger?

Today, almost every business is using software to manage their business processes. From lead generation to campaign management to customer interaction. A well-developed and functional CRM can do it all. Vtiger is one such CRM software developed to meet the growing needs of every business in any industry. The software is built in such a way that it can be customized depending on your business strategy and requirements. Whether you want a software to manage your team, track your projects, or build a strong relationship with your clients through powerful campaigns and feedback collection, Vtiger is just the right choice for you.

The role of VTDEV in the Vtiger industry?

VTDEV is a Vtiger Service provider enabling businesses to excel in managing their business tasks with Vtiger CRM. Our services include Vtiger customization, integration, additional extensions configuration, upgrade, migration, and much more. We believe in providing top-notch services to our valuable customers so that they don’t find any trouble using the Vtiger software. Vtiger with its advanced features and high-end functionalities allows businesses to streamline processes. Moreover, the service-providing companies for Vtiger are also developing new and latest extensions so that the companies can enhance their business management skills. The custom report feature is one such powerful and highly used feature in Vtiger CRM.

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Custom Reports feature

Reports are a detailed analysis of a company’s progress. These reports help in making informed decisions through a comprehensive survey of all the latest trends and processes in an organization.

Now, let's dig into the Custom Report Feature of Vtiger. Through these Reports, business administrators can be on top of everything by creating a detailed report about all the important aspects of the organization and getting all the valuable insights. This extension is particularly useful for business or sales administrators whose job is to manage all the processes and operations in an organization, from sales to marketing and much more. Vtiger also lets you schedule the report eradicating the need to design and create similar reports regularly.

Steps to create custom reports:

The usage of this feature doesn’t require extra training. You can create an informative and attractive report in minutes with just a few steps.

Step 1:

Login to your Vtiger Account. From the dashboard Click on the Report icon.

custom reports step 1

Step 2:

Now, click on Add Report button and select Detailed Report.

custom reports step 2

Step 3:

In this step, enter the report details such as Name, Folder, Primary Modules, Related Modules, Description, and Sharing Access. After entering the details Click Next.

custom reports step 3

Here, note that you can also set the report as a scheduled report. In this way, Vtiger will automatically create a report about the latest updates at a fixed frequency with the conditions you had set.

Step 4:

Select the columns that are to be displayed in The Report.

custom reports step 4

Step 5:

Set the setting order and Select the conditions that are to be applied to the columns in the Group By dropdown.

custom reports step 5

Step 6:

Here you can perform operations on the columns such as Sum, Average, Lowest, and Highest Value.custom reports step 6

Step 7:

Click Next.

custom reports step 7

Step 8:

In this step, you can add conditions to segment the data to work with specific subsets.

custom reports step 8

Step 9:

Click the Save and Generate Report button.custom reports step 9

That’s how you can create a very informative and detailed report about all the crucial information in an organization in just a couple of steps. 

Benefits and Features of Vtiger custom Reports

Vtiger allows you to share the report with your clients to interact with them efficiently providing top-level services to your customers. The custom reports feature is the most handy feature of Vtiger for business administrators as this feature eases their tasks by creating an explanatory analysis. Some prime features of Vtiger reports are listed below.

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Detailed analysis and in-depth insights into all the business processes.
  • The reports can be scheduled eliminating the need to create them every single time.
  • Allows you to perform multiple actions on the report, such as mathematical operations and sorting.
  • Reports can be extracted to Excel or CSV format.

Why you should use Vtiger to create your reports?

Vtiger reports can be created on any kind of data. You can create a single report from millions of thousands of data from multiple reports. Moreover, there are several types of reports created in Vtiger such as detailed reports, pivot reports, or chart reports. As a graphical representation of data is easier and more convenient to understand these reports help administrators to keep track of all the processes. 

If you are a business administrator or sales representative dealing with large amounts of data regularly and want to create comprehensive reports for more effective business management Don’t hesitate and Contact VTDEV, because we are here to save you from all Vtiger issues, and tailor Vtiger as per your needs.

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