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Updated Email View

Updated Email View  is a powerful extension. Emails are useful in managing teams and making customers aware of the latest trend and updates. Emails are used to send formal messages to customer in businesses. Vtiger allows its users to send emails to their customers or team members. But the structure and layout of the default email section of Vtiger is not so practical. For better Email construction and Management “The Email View Extension” can be added to your Vtiger CRM.  

By using an email/conversation view extension for Vtiger, users can streamline their email communications, increase productivity, and gain valuable insights into their email marketing efforts. This lets businesses manage their sales and marketing in a better way. The extension changes Vtiger’s Email view into a more understandable and flexible Conversation view. You can easily access the Email you want to read. 

Email View extension has a variety of smart features. Here are a few of them:

  • Using third-party tools for email management reduces the speed of processes. With this extension, you can access all your emails within Vtiger.
  • Vtiger offers many pre-built email templates.
  • Keep a check on your campaign by tracking your emails.
  • Customize your emails or email view by adding or modifying fields, changing layout, etc

The updated email view for Vtiger is a smart and improved way of displaying all the emails. If you have configured this powerful extension with your CRM and want to utilize it for your betterment. 

 Read our step-by-step tutorial below.

Step 1:

From the main menu. Go to settings and then click CRM settings.

Step 2:

Now, from the Other settings dropdown menu select “Updated Email View”.

Step 3:

Now enable the updated email view extension.

Step 4:

To check the extension go to organizations view. Select the organization for which you want to view the emails sent out.

Step 5:

The details of the emails are displayed on the summary view. You can also access the email tab to view the emails in depth.

Note that the emails are displayed in two colours, to distinguish the emails. To read the whole message you can expand it by pressing the message.

Step 6:

A similar view of emails is also shown in the contacts tab.


To view your emails in this format. all you have to do is link your emails with Vtiger and install the “Updated Email view extension”.

That’s it. In this way, emails are easily accessible and their details are displayed for further assistance.

Having an issue setting up Email View Extension with your Vtiger CRM? Unable to configure and customize The Email View Extension?

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