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5 Exciting Features of Vtiger HelpDesk Module

Vtiger helpdesk module is a smart tool to interact with your customers and build strong relations. Keeping your customers satisfied and providing them with the most reliable services is the prime responsibility of every organization. With Vtiger’s helpdesk module, businesses can upgrade their customer relations and boost sales.

Vtiger CRM

Vtiger is used in different businesses for different tasks. Today, CRM softwares are the basic need of every business. The medical industry uses Vtiger to manage their patients' history, schedule appointments, collaborate with the employees, etc. Whereas for a goods manufacturing organization, Vtiger may help in managing the inventory, generating leads, and assigning tasks. These organizations can utilize Vtiger’s workflow automation feature to automate repetitive tasks and enhance the brand’s productivity. In all possible ways, Vtiger is the most beneficial and productive advancement in the technological world.

Vtiger Modules

Vtiger is a perfect CRM for business management and data maintainance. It allows the users to properly organize their confidential data into different modules. This organized data can easily be retrieved and accessed when needed. Vtiger CRM modules are designed in a way to revolutionize the concept of data management. Having distinctive modules for all the data optimize data management tasks. Projects can be managed effortlessly within the project modules. A tickets module is designated to handle the customer tickets and respond to their queries in real time. Additionally, vtiger enables its users to configure custom modules for additional data management. These custom modules can be designed according to your own business so you get maximize your efforts and enhance the productivity.

5 Exciting Features of Vtiger HelpDesk

As the name refers Helpdesk module is used to store and manage queries and customer support information. 

The helpdesk module within Vtiger CRM is used to store customer data, manage customer inquiries and solve customers’ problems. The helpdesk offers a range of advanced features for businesses to interact with their audience, understand and solve their problems in real-time. With the helpdesk, you can not just improve your response rate but also enhance customer satisfaction by offering on-time replies to their issues. When a customer posts any problem or question it is moved to the helpdesk module, and from here the related team gets notified and resolved the matter.

Vtiger Help desk is a smart tool, where organizations can store the customer crucial data and queries. Following are some of the key features of Vtiger’s helpdesk module:

Features of Vtiger helpdesk:
  1. Creating and Managing Tickets: The admin can create a ticket whenever a customer posts any problem. The ticket is then assigned to a related team member and the case can be resolved timely. In this way, you can get your customer’s issues and solve them in no time. The administrator can even automate the ticket creation and assigning process to improve efficiency and speed optimize tasks. 
  2. FAQ section: Today, every other business or website uses an FAQ section to answer the common questions of their customers. This is a smart way to win customer’s trust by resolving basic issues without the need to consult a customer care presentative. Setting up an FAQ section in Vtiger can help businesses grow faster and better.
  3. Internal notes and communication: The team members can add internal notes that will be hidden from the customers but visible to other team members. In this way, they can share information and resolve the matter quickly. Moreover, the team can mention other members to get their attention and so collaborate professionally and resolve the matter.
  4. Get insights and take better decisions: From the help desk, you Can get insights on how your team is performing, what the response time and case-solving metrics. After analyzing these factors you can make informed decisions.
  5. Helpdesk Automation: Another way to use Vtiger Helpdesk for the betterment is by automating tasks that needs to be done on time. For example, you can automate ticket creation and assign it to relevant team members through workflows. Just create a workflow and use it for the rest of the time. 

Winning your customer’s trust can help you grow as a business. With Vtiger Helpdesk Module you can gain your customer’s trust by solving their problems in real time. Utilizing Vtiger’s helpdesk features businesses are able to create a strong and long lasting relationship with the customers. And providing top-notch customer service and support. Further, it increases the client’s satisfaction rate and so a raise in your sales.

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