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Best of Vtiger features: Enhance Productivity for experienced Users

In this article we will take a closer look into the Best of Vtiger features to enhance your productivity and user experience. Vtiger offers a wide range of features and tools for businesses to enhance their productivity. The more you use Vtiger the more features to you get to explore.

Vtiger features for Experienced users

Vtiger is a software for which we can use the word all-in-one software. It not just contains tools to interact with your audience and track the sales. But also perform other important tasks. Vtiger is a software that allows its users to customize the interface. Integrate software and configure powerful extensions to increase its functionality. User experience is a very important factor in business management. This is because the brand’s productivity increases if the employees get a healthy and secure working environment. A good user experience in Vtiger means an intuitive and simple interface. It has easily navigable software, shortcuts, drag and drop functions, interactive layout, and easy data entry and access. It offers a a lot of features for experienced users to upgrade their workflow.

Vtiger allows users to further optimize thier processes by added a wide range of extensions and plug-ins. They can configure extensions like document designer, resize column, control field layouts and much more. These extensions have proved to be highly favourable for the users. Who want to upgrade their CRM experience. Multiple integrations are also available including QuickBooks, Google suite and Asterisk etc.

5 Vtiger features to enhance productivity for experienced users

The basic Vtiger features include, sales and marketing automation, contact management, customer support, team collaboration, etc. Now, let’s explore some advanced Vtiger features for experienced users to enhance their productivity and workflow:

  1. Creating modules and fields: 

    Vtiger is a tool developed to maintain records and crucial data. To store records efficiently businesses can develop modules specifically to store additional data. Custom fields can also be created within modules, other than the built-in fields to store extra information. To develop a module or field successfully you can hire Vtiger developers.

  2. Reports and Dashboard Extension: 

    The reports and dashboard extension is known to be the most powerful one to upgrade user experience. Reports can be used to get insights into tasks and make better decisions. While dashboards can be customized for individuals to display the most important data and events. Users do not have to navigate to the specific modules. But all the latest activities and events that need consideration will be displayed on the dashboard. This extension can be configured with your CRM.

  3. Workflow Automation: 

    Automating repetitive tasks within Vtiger can be a way to improve users’ working experience on Vtiger. Vtiger support features are available that can optimize the speed of operations and boost productivity. Workflows can be created once, and the tasks can be automated forever. Vtiger also allows the creation of web forms and surveys. The surveys automatically get clients’ reviews of products and services.

  4. Document Manager: 

    The document manager is another useful extension that can be configured with your CRM for your employees. With this tool, users can not just manage their documents effortlessly. But also create attractive and informative documents. By pairing the extension with drag-and-drop documents. the users can speed up uploading processes.

  5. Integration:

    You can even integrate other third-party management tools with Vtiger to streamline your processes. With asterisk integration call management has become a lot easier. Whereas Quickbooks integration comes in handy to manage the accounts of the customers. Integrating social media can help you engage with your customers effectively and understand their needs. All these integrations help increase users’ work as individuals as well as organizations.

As you get familiar with Vtiger you will get to know more up-to-date and latest features and tools.

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Choosing VTDEV for your Vtiger jobs

It is known that a happy customer brings sales. But keeping the employees satisfied is equally important. As the more satisfied they are the more they will focus on their work and so generate higher revenue. So every organization should take steps to provide a  healthy working environment for their employees.

The ability to customize Vtiger to suit every business is the reason for its popularity.To customize Vtiger properly you should hire a suitable service-providing company. They can understand your requirements and add extensions. They  also suggest you the right one for your business. VTDEV is a leading Vtiger service providing company. enabling millions of businesses to upskill their management game with Vtiger. We at VTDEV develop useful and powerful extensions. So that experienced Vtiger users can get the most amount of benefit.

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