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Vtiger Mentions- Benefits and Features.

In this article, we will look into the Vtiger Mentions- Benefits and Features.

Are you wasting your precious time mailing your team members about every small detail or update on a record? Are you informing each member separately on assigning a task? 

Read the article to learn about the smart and latest upgrade in the Vtiger features. 

Vtiger Mentions Extension

Vtiger is a powerful software tool used by businesses around the world to manage their customer relations, track sales pipelines, automate marketing campaigns, and much more. Other than the customer interactions feature Vtiger also extends support in managing your team efficiently by creating roles and profiles for each member, assigning tasks, tracking the progress, etc. To improve the efficiency extensions can be added to Vtiger. Extensions are created by Vtiger service providers to enhance the overall working ability of Vtiger, streamline processes, improve workflow, etc. These extensions are configured with your Vtiger so you can take your business management to the next level.

To increase Vtiger’s efficiency in team collaboration and management, VTDEV has a new Mentions extension for you. With this extension, you can seamlessly interact with your co-workers, inform them of the latest updates, create tasks, and much more.

Vtiger Mentions Extension Features and Benefits.

How the Extension works

The Mentions extension works by adding the “@” symbol in the comment section of the record for which you want to communicate with the team members. After the @ symbol enter the name of the employee or group you want to address. This sends an email to the mentioned user. The user can then easily view the comment within their Vtiger account by pressing the @ icon on the top header. This will prompt a screen that displays all the comments referring to the user. From here the user can reply to each comment or access the related record. Once the user replies to a comment, it is removed from the Mentions tab and shifted to the Replied tab. Furthermore, by configuring the improved comments extension you can enhance the default comment block of vtiger records

Team collaboration through Mentions


Whether you are an administrator, a sales representative, a customer care executive, or any other employee of the organization. You definitely will find the need to communicate with your colleagues, share information, assign tasks, or discuss an important concern. On the traditional CRM, you will have to mail separately to each person concerning. But with the Mentions extension, you can grab the attention of any user by simply adding @ symbol before their name. With this, you can also interact with multiple users in a single comment.

Key features and benefits of the extension:

Let’s have a look at some of the key features and benefits of the Mention Extension:


  1. Easy configuration: As it is a custom-built extension, VTDEV has developed it to be easily configured. With advanced features to keep it user-friendly and interactive.
  2. Email notification: Users can get notified via email each time they are mentioned in a comment.
  3. Mention Multiple users: You can mention multiple users in a single comment.
  4. Compatible with all modules: You can mention to users all the modules that have a comment section. Moreover, you can easily add a comment from the detailed view of records. 


  1. Better collaboration: Various employees from different departments are working on a project in the organization. This extension makes it easier and more convenient for them to collaborate.
  2. Customer satisfaction: It increases the customer satisfaction rate as the employees can work together and collaborate effectively, providing reliable services to the customers. 
  3. Enhancing productivity: Mentioning multiple users simultaneously to discuss a particular topic enhances the CRM’s productivity and flexibility.
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Choosing VTDEV for your Vtiger jobs

Save your valuable time and configure the mentions extension in your Vtiger CRM to improve the workflow and enhance the team management ability of Vtiger. Master the skill of business management with the advanced Vtiger features and tools. With this extension, you can keep track of all the important activities and records assigned to you. For more information regarding the Mentions extension, or to avail the most reliable support packages for Vtiger, feel free to contact us at VTDEV.

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